The alarm clock goes off, today is the day… listening to a vinyl of Angus and Julia Stone greeting us while we prepare our cameras. Your anxious laughter, the day of your wedding has come, everything is ready.

Something changed for us since the first wedding we worked on together. A kiss was never again a single kiss, gazes hid much more than simple gazes, we were witnesses of histories we felt part in as long as we got to meet a new couple.

JFK is passion, a passion for living every moment as if it were the last, for laughing hard and dancing as if nobody was watching. We love capturing real stories, with no poses, as the kind of stories in which you discover yourself while looking at their pictures and make you smile ear to ear.

For us, happiness is simplicity, the sea and its waves, long walks with Coco, dancing barefoot on home’s hardwood. Happiness is to see you smile after giving you the pictures of the experience of living one of the most beautiful days of your lives.

We are photographers of emotions.

If you do like what we do, tell us your story, no matter where you are.

~ Ultimos Trabajos ~