“Cuando buscas una boda diferente, también quieres que algo tan importante en ese día como son las fotos de tu boda, también lo sean y en esto JFK son expertos. Desde el momento que les contamos nuestra idea, hicieron todo lo posible para que un día tan especial para nosotros quedara plasmado como realmente nosotros queríamos que lo estuviera. Se movieron dentro de una isla para buscar las mejores localizaciones, nos ayudaron a la hora de los preparativos, mostrando en todo momento cercanía, simpatía y una gran profesionalidad a la vez que esa sencillez que nosotros buscábamos.

Vemos las fotos y nos emocionamos, vemos el video y…. Solo deciros que con él conseguisteis emocionar a gente que nunca pensamos que fuera a emocionarse con estas cosas y volvemos a verlo una y otra vez y durante ese tiempo nos volvemos a trasladar a Ibiza, a aquel día tan especial que vosotros conseguisteis que lo fuera aun más.

Carmen, Juan y Raúl, sinceramente volveríamos a contar con vosotros con los ojos cerrados, porque realmente hicisteis lo que nosotros queríamos que hicieseis y porque sois personas que realmente merece la pena conocer.

Carmen, Juan y Raúl : MUCHAS GRACIAS POR TODO“

Laura y Emilio

palacio de meres boas asturias


“Guys, we think that you have definitely chosen he perfect slogan that defines you three, “the magic of capturing moments”, because that is what you have indeed succeeded in our case.

It is really magical what I feel when looking at them, all the feelings that arise in me both in pictures and the video, I can even reminisce the anxiety, excitement, friendship, affection, emotion and love… and it will be the same every time I look at your report.

We couldn’t have chosen better than we did!!! Thank you for your patience, care, charm, treatment and making us feel so special.

In every picture, there is a piece of you that we will always remember. Thanks to your work, a lot of people can rekindle and feel as it if were our day again.

Thank you for your MAGIC, thank you for everything guys.”

Veronica and Raul



We can only say THANK YOU, and we could tell you thousands of times more and it wouldn’t even be enough, as many as we have watched in our video or album and we couldn’t stop smiling. We do not have to mention that you are really good workers, if you only had a look at you pictures, you can appreciate that you are awesome, or even spending some time with you at your office. You are more than wedding photographers because you only have to see wedding guests talking about you on the following day.

You have everything an engaged couple looks for in their appointers, such as proximity to customers, details or magic among other things, rather difficult to find!! On the wedding day, you are welcomed as guests, not as workers. Even Carmen helps the bride be dressed as a truly friend because the whole family is on their nerves. Such memories!!

Everything around you is simply great, from your costumes on the wedding day to the smell of your office, also Juan’s professional skills, Raul’s ability to catch the details and even Coco makes the atmosphere perfect for smiling, having fun and enjoying the experience at the same time.

Blanca and Jairo



“The magic of capturing moments”, as they say, as we wanted it to be and as true as it really was.

We had a clear idea about what we wanted for our wedding day, due to our way of being, we didn’t want any stolen or prepared modelling scenes, just reality and candidness. However, in the case we had to look at cameras directly, we would want it to be as comfortable as possible.

We knew from the very first moment that we had made a very good choice, there were any doubts and now, we can firmly confirm that every time we have a look at our report in the lights, gestures… we are definitely ourselves at 100%.

How would we describe them? They are kind, respectful, close… very sweet. We are not the only ones who think this about them, but also parents, guests and other co-workers in the wedding that told us about.

A quality job which projects emotions. For us, JFK, they are “our photographers”, no one else’s and we hope to count with them for other occasions. We would choose you one and more thousand times more. THANK YOU.

Monica and Jose Luis


We were sure about how our big day had to be like, and it should have a personal point of view. We wanted our people to see us portrayed in every detail, as little as they were.

Because of that, to ensure that the result would be something original and keep our essence, the main key point whether choosing out team was to offer a high standing level of working. They would also have to adapt to our personalities and work with passion.

That passion, excitement and willing to take part into one of the best days of our lives is one of the things that make you unique. We also admire your ability to capture every single detail, even though many wanted to hide them.

We don’t wish you luck because you simply don’t need it, your job is not a random job, it is about being professional and that fact is reflected in the result of it.

We want to thank you for achieving through your work making time stop and let us live again and feel every moment lived on the 16th of May as if it were yesterday when we began our journey to our new life.

People say that there is not a perfect wedding, but you have enough reasons to contradict this statement.



We had already seen some JFK projects on their website, but it was in the moment when we got into their office and met Carmen when had it clear. There was something charming in that office and we then knew that Carmen and Juan would perfectly fit in what we were looking for. They have a different style, enriched with travelling experiences. All these facts make people be in a certain way that is therefore portrayed in their work. Therefore, we knew JFK was the perfect choice we made because it perfectly fit in with our own style.

Along the making off of a wedding you find lots of people that you hire whom you tell your expectations for that day. But, undoubtedly, JFK’s workers are the ones who we will remember fondly when seeing the pictures of that day with eagerness and affection portrayed that we experienced and getting to see our guests so happy, even seeing a bit of Carmen and Juan on them.

We will keep a good smile of them, both for their job and their personal treatment.

We are really glad for having encountered you!!

novios-pre-boda-asturias-spain-fotografo-jfk-imagen-social 20


It is a fact: when the big day ends, the lights go off and you have to see your guests off with a great smile, you can appreciate that it worth it!! Then, without noticing, you have become a little more expert organizing one of the most beautiful and impassioned days of your life. Both your partner and you know a bit more about flowers, music, vogue and even classic cars!

This day also reflects the moment of learnt lessons; what was successful and what we could have done in a different way. However, there is something about the wedding that we did not pay much attention to, and we could make the huge mistake of discussing the budget, which is the photographic work. The day passes, the wedding is over and party ends…But pictures are forever! You have to be very demanding about the choice you make for the scenery, the team and their ability to capture the very best moments with their cameras. Those are the moments you will see in the future and will achieve in hair-rising you in happiness and drop a couple tears. And that scenery with people that have an amazing ability to capture the soul of people are JFK.

We insist on our wisest decision about JFK. Their pictures have the ability to take us back in time to that day: they are part of our story and, therefore, they deserve the best treatment and care by the photographer. I’m sure that you have experienced this sometime when you see a picture and feel that touching sentiment. Now, imagine you are the protagonist of those pictures.



The first thing we were very sure about when we decided to get married was that pictures must be taken by JFK Social Image. We have already met then through one friend’s wedding photos and we knew that it was how we wanted our story to be told; natural, spontaneous, real and eager of happiness. If there is something that Juan, Carmen and Raul are very capable of is to capture happiness in such an important day for us.

They are extremely professional but, besides, amazing people that are polite, careful, kind and a smile on their faces that you can’t respond to them in other way possible.

In our case, we made us feel really comfortable. In fact, we remember the pictures after the ceremony as one of the most beautiful moments of the wedding day. While they were taking the pictures, we could chat calmly, stare at each other, laugh a lot with them and enjoy a moment that was so special for us because we felt as if the world would have stopped looking at us. When they gave us the video and album, it was amazing because we could reminisce every moment of the wedding day.

We still remember that afternoon when sitting in front of them, laughing out loud having a look at the photographs and moving to tears when seeing moments of that day that we didn’t have the chance to realize as a whole. In short, we would definitely get married a thousand more times and, undoubtedly, we would ask them to share that day with us again, since they have become to take part in our story and have also become more than “photographers”. They are our friends and have given us the best of the presents ever: the memories of our wedding day are indelible. Thanks a million!!



The best memories for the best day of our lives.

If we had something clear about that day was that we wanted them to make the report of our wedding. We had already seen how they worked and we had no doubt about it. We were so sure that they gave us the date of our wedding taking into account their calendar schedule so the other stuff would have to fit in this date because we were not giving up on them. When the day arrived, everything was perfect. They have been asking us about our tastes in order to fit in our likes and everything ended up great. They were cautious and the work was really well done. The result of it, an amazing report of the happiest day.

Cristina and Sergio



Wonderful! Simply great! We knew that we had made the perfect choice from the very first moment.

They are a perfectly defined and organized team. They are made up of excellent professionals, radiating professionality, technique and creativity without dismissing such familiarity that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed from the first moment.

Juan is the key motor of the group and leader in photography. He is very detailed with framing, light, position and feeling. Carmen is the human side of the team. She rapidly turns into a friend and also a confidant. She carefully studies the likes and style of the couple and fits them in perfectly in the report. She is everywhere trying to get a smile on our face, paying attention to every detail. They altogether combine an excellent technique with modern and vintage style at the same time that charms us, getting every photo to be special, close and natural. They are not only capable of capturing every moment, but also what is left behind; the story, the background, feelings and emotions.

We are delighted with our video! It feels like a pure Hollywood love story. The editing worth’s an Oscar prize. And what about the music choice! It is simply great, modern, vibrating and fits perfectly with every single moment.

However, their dedication to the Project does not finish on the wedding day. Even after it, they will surprise you with details that will touch you. While we were on our honeymoon, they sent us a teaser of the video that completed our trip and accompanied us with lots of smiles every time Odila played it, about 500 times on her mobile. Thanks a lot for everything guys. You are simply great!



Today, opening the album means for us a journey back in time, a story told without words, pictures that capture our emotions in every moment, just like the narrator of a book perfectly describes our feelings in such an important day. From the previous photo session, you made things easy and, in those moments of anxiety, we feel as if we were with long-time friends. Great photographers and better as people.


Today, one year after our wedding and uncountable times looking at the pictures on the album, the feeling of excitement and thrill that makes us when opening it is exactly the same as the same day’s. Each and every one of the pictures take you back to that perfect moment. The report consists on a selection of pictures taken and prepared with such care as if it were their own wedding. They are a very professional, human and tactful team. Remarkable from the beginning to the end. I haven’t met anybody who had seen the project and hasn’t said “I LOVE IT!”. Just having a look at the cover that wraps the work, anyone can easily realise that we have an exceptional quality work in front of us.

There may be lots and lots of people, but JFK are the best in their field for a simple reason. They love their job, they love weddings and the couples getting married. They can create a project as if it were for themselves.

bodas asturias sesiones preboda


When we started organising our wedding, we did the same as other couples did: we visited lots of photographers nearby our city. We were fascinated by the work they showed us, the light, candidness of pictures and the great ability they had to capture moments. We had it so clear that in that same week we hired their services. We won’t regret about that decision because apart from meeting professional workers, we got to meet kind, funny, and fraught with ideas and excitement people that were also in love for their job. These set of things are portrayed in our report and in many other that we get to see as time goes by. Thank you for your dedication, and we warmly hope you to portray other important even in our lives!


Once upon a time, there was a love story whose protagonists decided to make a big party to celebrate it. It would be a special, funny and exciting day but there were no photographers. The couple knew about people that made wedding reports but nothing about people who takes pictures of love stories.

But, on a rainy day, in the middle of a market of sweets, musicians and flowers, we got to a very special corner, with amazing pictures of couples full of mutual understanding and TRUTH.

They were real!! But, on top of this, they were lovely people in love with their job and what they do. They were people that if you had made up in your mind, they wouldn’t have resulted in such a perfect way. In that very moment, they were our choice.

And the big day arrived! I can’t say nothing else about these people having a look at the resulting project. They worked with such discretion, as if nobody were there, they left no detail, no look, sentiment, anecdote, laugh or moment in such a realistic way that is unbelievable.

Once upon a time, there were some guys that didn’t photograph weddings, they photographed LOVE.

Vanesa and Daniel